Searches for Head of School and other senior school leadership searches are now handled directly by Tamara Schiff at Lee Miller & Associates. You can contact Tamara personally at  The following information applies to LM&A searches (formerly CalWest):


It is essential that there be an open and regular line of communication between CalWest and the school representatives leading the search. This partnership will result in a successful search outcome.


  • The CalWest team learns as much as possible about a school including its history and culture, role in the community and expectations for the new position.
  • We use multiple approaches to gather information including school visits, focus groups with key constituents, review of school materials and personal interviews.

  • The school provides CalWest with all necessary materials in order to develop a detailed position profile and other search-related documents.

  • Working with the Head of School, search chair, and/or search committee, we develop an in-depth position profile. This profile describes the organization and its community, the qualifications and responsibilities of the position, the characteristics of an ideal candidate and the challenges and opportunities of the position.

  • CalWest distributes the position profile to our global network of contacts. We filter through the results of targeted postings and national publications in order to present the Head of School or Board with only the most qualified candidates. Plus, we reach out to educators who may not be looking actively but who could be well-qualified or could offer referrals.


  • Our search consultants review all resumes to assess alignment of candidate qualifications to the position as well as experience and feasibility of candidate.

  • Our search team conducts preliminary interviews to narrow the field.

  • CalWest checks initial references when appropriate while respecting possible candidate confidentiality.

  • We share relevant candidates’ portfolios with search chair(s) or Head.

  • The chair(s) of the search committee or the Head of School confers regularly with CalWest search consultants to discuss progress of the search.

  • Any applicant materials that have already been received, or are received directly by the school once the search has been opened, are forwarded to CalWest for review. This includes information from any internal candidates.


  • Present a panel of qualified, interested, and enthusiastic candidates
  • Conduct initial reference checks
  • Facilitate interviews between the search committee and the semi-finalist candidates
  • The search committee or Head interviews top candidates.

  • The most qualified candidates visit the school for in-person interviews and exposure to the school culture. Finalists may be invited for an additional visit with their spouses, partners and/or families.

  • CalWest search consultants provide extensive proprietary resources to school representatives to assist in conducting review of candidates, including evaluation protocols, important interview questions, recommended site-visit schedules and reference-checking guidelines.

  • The chair of the search committee or Head provides ongoing timely feedback to CalWest on the committee’s evaluation of each candidate submitted.


  • Once the school selects a candidate to fill the open position and conducts appropriate reference and background checks, CalWest advises in negotiations as needed.

  • CalWest is promptly notified when an offer of employment has been extended.

  • The new Head of School or other senior leader is introduced to the school community.

  • Upon request, we continue to provide support and guidance to facilitate a smooth transition.

  • As an optional service, CalWest offers executive coaching services to the new hire to ensure that he/she adapts effectively in the new school environment.


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