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As the school leader, you are responsible for ensuring superior teaching and leadership at your school. CalWest can play a vital role in not only making your responsibilities more manageable, but also finding candidates who fit the unique culture and needs of your school.  Our team will handle a wide range of services in order to offer the best candidates for your positions.

Find the right talent for your teaching and administrative needs

Your faculty and administration collectively create the reputation of your school.

For independent and private schools, finding the right talent starts with partnering with the right recruitment and placement services.

CalWest Select Client School Program

The future of high-quality private and independent education depends on finding the right teachers and administrators.

That’s why we developed the CalWest Select Client School program. The program is piloting in the 2017-2018 school year and has been developed based on the best elements of a retained search.  

The client school and CalWest sign an exclusive contract at a fixed fee for services that includes all aspects of the search. CalWest develops a deep understanding of the school culture and priorities for the position and then targets a nationwide network of contacts to ensure that the best teachers and administrators are recruited for the position. We often identify a qualified candidate who may not even be seeking new opportunities.  Together, CalWest and the designated hiring team build a strategy, identify and assess potential candidates, facilitate candidate interviews, and successfully hire the best candidate.

Throughout the year, we’re working with independent and private schools in the western U.S. states to refine the program. Our plan is to roll it out more broadly in the 2018-19 school year. Learn more about our industry-leading program below or by contacting us at 

At the core of the CalWest Select Client School program is pairing schools with the best candidate available for an open position based on experience, education, skillsets and interests.

If you represent an independent or private school, contact CalWest at to explore your needs and to be put on the waitlist.

Strategic Search Consulting

Through our Leadership Consulting, schools with limited budgets can access CalWest’s expert advice, resources, and support to conduct a structured and effective search from start to finish. While CalWest consultants provide direction and assistance, school representatives are fully responsible for carrying out all stages of the search including posting the opening, reviewing resumes, and conducting interviews. The scope of consulting and our fee are outlined in an agreement between the school and CalWest.

CalWest Select Client Program

In the CalWest Select Client program, we provide one-to-one services to select client schools.

As a select client school, you’ll receive:

A dedicated CalWest representative. Known as “Recruiting Advisor" at CalWest, your Recrutiting Advisor ensures you have a consistent contact who deeply understands your school, culture, goals and talent needs.

A customized contract. Your dedicated Recruting Advisor works with you to develop a partnership that serves your needs. We encourage a customized contract so we can address your highest-priority positions and harder-to-fill openings.

Advisory support. You’ll receive expert advice on sourcing positions in ways that may help you identify and attract stronger candidates from a broader candidate pool.

Targeted outreach. As a select client school, your open positions will be recruited with targeted advertising and outreach — and not from general candidate pools.

Quality candidate pools for faster — and better —  reviews. Improve your candidate review process with sourced and prepared candidate pools. With this approach, you interview talent who have skills that are aligned to your specific candidate profiles.

A rewards program. The CalWest Select Client School Program is structured to reward member schools for exclusive engagements.

Regular updates on key industry trends. Get an exclusive mix of news and research related to independent schools in our periodic newsletter. CalWest helps you stay up-to-date with trends such as the best way to recruit for hard-to-fill positions, how to create a leadership pipeline, and best practices for retaining talent.

CalWest Association Membership.  Member schools receive discounts to candidate recruitment events, strategic support for long range hiring planning and are given access to thought leadership from heads of schools throughout the membership base.

The CalWest Difference: Partnering with Schools to Find the Right Talent for Faculty and Administration

Established in 2003, CalWest continues to evolve to help independent and private schools find the best talent for their organization.

With the CalWest Select Client Program, you can expect dedicated service for finding qualified candidates for your administrative and teaching needs.

Our services include being a partner in addressing your biggest talent challenges, including recruiting teachers and administrators with diverse:

Life experiences Research shows that diverse staff — in the areas of age, gender, and ethnicity — benefits schools in developing high-quality, holistic curriculum for their students. Finding administrators and teachers who are diverse can be a challenge for schools if you’re searching on your own.

Subject expertise — Some subjects, such as math, science, and special education, have small talent pools and many schools struggle to attract talent in those areas. CalWest can act as partner in finding that talent, starting with recommendations for the job descriptions through interviewing the most qualified candidates.

Leadership development goals — Many schools aim to develop teachers to become leaders within their organization. CalWest helps schools recruit for talent who align with that goal.

Become a CalWest Select Client School Today

The CalWest Select Client School program is piloting in the 2017-2018 school year. Our plan is to roll it out more broadly in the 2018-19 school year.

For more information, or to be added to the wait list, contact CalWest Educators Placement at