Diversity Programs


CalWest celebrates many years of providing diversity programing and leadership expertise to the independent school community.

2016 Diversity Program - San Francisco

CalWest welcomed the NAIS Annual Conference taking place in San Francisco on February 24-26, 2016. With independent school educators and leaders from around the country participating, CalWest offered a workshop on February 24 that continued the impactful conversations from the NAIS People of Color Conference (PoCC) and encouraged a fruitful dialogue among school representatives from throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and other regions of the U.S.      

We were thrilled to announce Alison Park as our most recent workshop leader. Alison is a well-known and highly effective consultant and speaker on a range of equity and inclusion topics. Click here for Alison’s bio. See below for the description of what was covered during this dynamic workshop.                                 



 "How many independent schools struggle to create inclusive communities but overlook themselves as part of the  multicultural landscape? When schools act through an awareness of themselves as cultural institutions, only then      can they begin the work of authentic inclusion."  - Alison Park   



The 2016 NAIS Annual Conference urges participants to “explore how we can communicate the value of our schools not simply by high test scores and college admittance, but by the lasting impressions we make on our students to build character, be empowered members of a strong and caring community, and in turn, give them stories to tell about their enriching experiences” (NAIS). This workshop focuses on doing your best teaching and learning and building the most caring, robust educational communities through a systemic approach to cultural competency that shifts expectations and accountability for inclusion and equity from an option to a shared opportunity and responsibility for students and educators alike. In conversation, participants will work to identify what cultural competency is and why it matters in 21st century education, while exploring what an intentional, developmentally supportive, all-school approach to cultural competency looks like. Participants can expect clear language, the “business case” for why schools should invest in cultural competency, a human development framework for cultural competency skill-building, and a model for culturally competent schools.

2015 Diversity Program - Los Angeles

Perspectives on the Recruiting Dynamic

PROGRAM OVERVIEW: Patty Garcia-Word (The Oaks School), Luthern Williams (New Roads School), and Lee Miller (CalWest Educators Placement) shared great "behind-the-scenes" perspectives on what schools and candidates look for when they interview, how diversity impacts the hiring process and what questions to ask.  Other topics that generated good discussion included what constitutes a “good fit” from both the candidate and school perspectives, how to support new faculty, and how to retain a diverse faculty. 


Click here to view faculty bios and here to view a list of recommended reading materials.

2015 Diversity Program - San Francisco



This program initiated a vibrant discussion about many issues including how diversity generates excellence in schools, the  challenges of managing cultural changes, and the responsibilities of schools.  Thank you to the audience for their lively  participation and to the faculty and facilitators from the four schools for sharing their expertise, insights, and leading wonderful  breakout sessions. All participants answered the question: "How will you challenge yourself to advance equity and inclusion?" Their answers will be mailed to them later this spring so that they can determine their progress. 

Click here to view faculty and facilitator bios and here to view a list of recommended reading materials.