Our Services

As the school leader, you are responsible for ensuring superior teaching and leadership at your school. CalWest can play a vital role in not only making your responsibilities more manageable, but also finding candidates who fit the unique culture and needs of your school.  Our team will handle a wide range of services in order to offer the best candidates for your positions.

General Searches

A General Search allows schools to draw from a rich pool of candidates for their open positions. CalWest carefully selects applicants who match the school’s desired professional experience and culture. The benefits of this scrutiny become clear when candidates and schools meet and participate in our Interview Events.

Most schools utilize this type of search in order to find a broad range of excellent independent school faculty for elementary, middle and high school positions. This applies to lead teachers as well as associate/assistant/intern teachers. General searches are often the norm for staff and leadership positions, too. These can range from junior administrator roles through senior leadership opportunities. A school pays a fee only if CalWest finds a candidate whom the school hires. That fee is based on a percentage of the candidate’s starting salary. CalWest Association member schools receive a discount on the placement fee plus numerous other benefits. 

Retained Leadership Searches

In a Retained Search, the client and CalWest sign an exclusive contract at a fixed fee for services that includes all aspects of the search. CalWest develops a deep understanding of the school culture and priorities for the position and then targets a nationwide network of contacts to ensure that the best candidates are recruited for the position. We often identify a qualified candidate who may not even be seeking new opportunities.

With a Head of School opening, CalWest works closely with Board leadership and search committee chairs to partner in filling the position. When the opening is another leadership position, we work directly with the Head of School or his/her designate to identify, recruit, and present the most qualified candidates. Together, CalWest and the designated search party build a strategy, identify and assess potential candidates, facilitate candidate interviews, and successfully hire the best candidate. We also assist schools through the transition of a new school leader joining the community.

Additionally, CalWest Association member schools receive priority consideration and special discounts/advice when hiring any of our candidates.

Leadership Consulting

Through our Leadership Consulting, schools with limited budgets can access CalWest’s expert advice, resources, and support to conduct a structured and effective search from start to finish. While CalWest consultants provide direction and assistance, school representatives are fully responsible for carrying out all stages of the search including posting the opening, reviewing resumes, and conducting interviews. The scope of consulting and our fee are outlined in an agreement between the school and CalWest.